Robochallenge XV edition new challenges

We're excited to announce 3 new competitions in Robochallenge starting this year.

You will have the chance to compete in Mega Sumo 3kg RC, Combat Robot 454g (1lb) and Combat Robot 1400g (3lb)

For the Mega Sumo RC the goal is as in the traditional Japanese martial arts, the robots try to push the competitor off the ring. In this challenge both robots are teleoperated by the operators.
In the case of the Combat Robot challenge, 2 robots fight in a cage head-to-head following the basics of boxing. The robots are teleoperated. Like in boxing the robots have a round of 3 minutes, in which either one of the robots is KO or the time runs out, and the 3 judges decide the winner. All kinds of weapons are allowed, excluding water and electrical tasers.
Are you ready for this challenges?