Freestyle Showcase regulation change

This year fot the Freestyle Showcase and Freestyle Showcase kids we decided to bring some changes:

4.1. Robot or electronic project presentation (for Freestyle section)
The jury will visit the Freestyle exhibit before the evaluation session.
 During the stand evaluation the team has to bring and present to the judges:
- the electronic project or the robot
- the display poster. The poster should contain larglely the same information as the presentation PPT.
- functionality demonstration
- answer to judges' technical questions
4.2. Project presentation (for Showcase section)
Presentation duration:
- 5 minutes for the presentation;

Presentation structure:
PPT presentation:
- proposed functionalities;
- original contributions and challenges
- project testing (listing test scenarios);
- performance evaluation;
- comparation with other similar solutions;
- possible further improvements;
- high-level implementation details;
- the hardest tech challenge for your project;
- contributions (what did you/ your team designed and implemented);
- tests results/ performance; 
  • please focus your presentation on your project, your contributions, and your results;
  • do not include general known technical facts/ definitions; you are presenting your project, not an intro course; You can also presume that the jury has a deep and broad technical background, no need to explain basic concepts; 
The documentation of the project will be sent on until 18th of October 2023. 
The winners will be announced at the end of the 2 days of the exhibition.