RoboChallenge 2009

Date: 25th of March, 2009

Theme: Robot Football

Starting with this edition, the competition was officially named RoboChallenge. As in the first edition, the competition was open to all those who have a passion for robotics and electronics, and in special to those students who had the opportunity to apply the theory they learned in classes.

Autonomous robots with maximum dimensions of 20cm x 20cm, which move around a football field, with the following characteristics:

  • field dimension : 2.5m - 1.25 m
  • sideboard dimension: 6 cm
  • gates dimensions: 30 cm
  • balls diameter: 4 cm
  • gates are 12 cm tall and are illuminated by a white LED placed at the center of each gate at a height of 16 cm
  • box is a semicircle with a radius of 22 cm.

The field is divided into 2 halves, one white and one black and is surrounded by a white side board. The gate on the white side is black and the gate on the black side is white. The white LED above every gate is strong enough to be detected from anywhere on the playground.
The robots will be equipped with IR sensors which detect the field’s color in order to establish if they are on their own side of the field or the opponent one.  Optical sensors are also used to detect the gate, to avoid the side boards and the opponents.

Each robot was built from scratch out of what came in handy for each team (wood, metal, plastic etc.) and each one of them was original in shape, locomotion system and ball collector system.
The match works by an one to one system, and each of them lasts 2 minutes without extra time granted.

On the game surface will be 12 orange ping pong balls, 6 on each half of the field, and the winner is designated according to the number of goals scored, not by the number of matches won.


Goal: 10 points
Both stuck: -5 points
Stuck on the sideboard:  -10 points 

Scoring in your own gate doesn’t count.

If the two robots get stuck together, they return each to 180 ° and will be penalized by 5 points. If any robot is blocked by the side board, it will turn 180 ° and will be penalized by 10 points.


There were 10 participating robots, divided into 3 groups in which each one played with each other. From these groups, the first 3 robots competed against each other.


One robot came on the first place, and the other two were even.

1st place: Team  MADROBOT
                   members: Adrian Gaşpar, Andrea Major, Alexandru Caramihai, Alexandru Nan, Cristian Clepcea, Valentin Velican

2nd place: Team  THE FLYING DUTCHMAN
                        member: Ionuţ Bornoiu

2nd place:  Radu Blănaru

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